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Meet our muse Claudia Maturana

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She is dreamer, a doer and she does her thing!

My name is Claudia Maturana. I´m a photographer from Madrid.
I can´t remember the first day I held a camera, I must have been 2 or 3 years old, but I can say I´ve had a camera in my hands since that very moment.
I used to always play around with my dad´s analogic camera when I was younger, and then when I was given my own digital one I started experimenting.
I have many passions but photography is my ultimate love and I have worked very hard to make my passion my job.
I´m now a professional photographer and I am as thrilled with my job as was when I started out. I take photography very seriously since for me it´s not just about taking a great shot: it´s about capturing moments of life. It´s about taking a photo that makes you feel something and reaches your heart.
I´ve been lucky to have met amazing people along the way, people who share the same passion as me and work with from their heart.   Stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists and models to whom I thank dearly… because without them my art wouldn´t have been possible.
I´ve recently lived in Rome and since I came back I can’t stop thinking about stories to tell with my camera. I want my editorials to tell a message and I always look for locations that take me to another dimension. When I’m working I tend to lose track of time, so I’m in a parallel universe anyway and I love for my art to resemble that feeling.
One of the Editorials that I´m prouder of is the one I did for the Fashion Show “Los Odiosos” by Euphemio Fernandez, a designer I admire very much. He gave me the opportunity to capture his models before the show at “Santoña´s Palace” and it was truly amazing. This editorial had great impact on the media and even was published at VEIN Magazine, a long-time goal of mine. My dream is, and has always been, to work with prestigious photographers and great magazines.
Out of everything life has taught me, that “if you really want something you have to fight hard to get it” is probably the most valuable lesson. My mantra is: Be tenacious, be stubborn and, above all, persevere.
Spending 6-7 hours in a shoot and then over a day or two editing doesn’t feel like working since I actually love what I do so much that I get lost in it. I´ll keep pursuing my dream and working hard, I can already see the results: my work has been published in various online magazines and two paper magazines.
After all, and as my friends say , DREAMERS are NOT ALLOWED. You have to act on your dream or nobody will.


Check her out! @claudiamaturana

Images taken by Claudia Maturana for the designer Euphemio Fernandez



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