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La Prados emerges as a challenge to myself and at the same time a liberation.

 After a time of creative frustration, I decided to share on Instagram a couple of my art pieces. Just to give it a try. Nothing serious. It felt SO GOOD! I thought about making it part of my day to day routine. I would share my art with whoever wanted to see it.

“La Prados” is my purest self. I could define it as a place where all of my thoughts come to life without fearing the consequences. A place where I can just do what I enjoy the most.


I just find it so cool that people that I barely know or not know at all feel something about my art. I like to make them laugh or see how they feel related to my work. Or even when my friends send me a message saying how something I have created is just so "me". Because in the end, that´s what I want. Doing something that represents me and fills me up.

My creative process is not defined. I just simply try to portray my reality.

Inspiration comes from different moments of my life such as having a drink with friends or on my way home in the metro. But what I like the most is that my art is based on real stories.

I could not choose a favorite illustration because to me all of them tell something different. It is true, though, that when I think of some of them It puts a smile on my face.

I ´m just beginning to create my path through art. I don´t know where it will take me but I have some thoughts in mind. Right now what I want is to be happy doing my thing.

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